The Challenger 350 aircraft delivers uncompromising all-around performance, carrying eight passengers at an outstanding 3,200 nautical miles (5,926 km) non-stop at a cruise speed of Mach 0.80*. With its newly derived engines offering increased power and lower emissions, the Challenger 350 aircraft now has the fastest time-to-climb in business aviation. Furthermore, the Challenger 350 business jet can directly climb to an impressive 43,000 feet (13,106 m) altitude*, saving fuel in addition to avoiding traffic and bad weather. With more power, impressive short airfield performance, and available steep approach capability, the Challenger 350 aircraft brings executives faster and closer to their destination by ensuring easier access to challenging runways such as those of London City Airport and Aspen.

Technical Specifications

Seats 8-9 Seats
Height 6 ft 1 in
Width 7 ft 2 in
Length 16 ft 6 in
Range 3,200 nm
Manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace
Speed 459 knots
Max Altitude 45,000 ft.
Baggage 115 cu ft.
Lavatory Full
San Jose Airport

Mineta San José International Airport