The CJ1 is the second generation of the extremely successful Citation series. It comes with all of the advantages that the original Citation Jet offered, but with improvements in economy and performance. Its status as the second generation Citation gives the advantage of using a private jet design that has been tested and modified to exceed the success of the first model – the Citation Jet. The CJ1 is extremely fuel-efficient, burning an average of 134 gallons per hour. The economy of its fuel burn can be largely attributed to Cessna’s choice of engines. Most owners, knowing the economical features of the CJ1, are surprised at how comfortable it is. Seats are available for five passengers, and the full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a roomier feel. The double-sealed door uses a fastening system similar to that of a vault, which reduces cabin noise.

Technical Specifications

Seats 4-5 seats
Height 4 ft 9 in
Width 4 ft 10 in
Length 11 ft
Range 1,200 nm
Manufacturer Cessna Citation
Speed 377 knots
Max Altitude 41,000 ft.
Baggage 65 cu ft
Lavatory Enclosed
San Jose Airport

Mineta San José International Airport