Based on the CJ platform, the new M2 delivers exceptional power and beauty in an efficient, entry-level jet. It’s the upgrade every jet-aspiring aviator has been dreaming of. Perfect for corporate, charter, or private use, the M2 features a redesigned luxury interior with excellent in-cabin technologies, updated touch-controlled avionics with large-format displays, and two powerful Williams FJ44 engines, facilitating cruising speed of up to 400 knots.

Technical Specifications

Seats 5-7 Seats
Height 4 ft 9 in
Width 4 ft 10 in
Length 11 ft
Range 1,300 nm
Manufacturer Cessna Citation
Speed 400 knots
Max Altitude 41,000 ft.
Baggage 45 cu ft
Lavatory Enclosed
San Jose Airport

Mineta San José International Airport