The Falcon excels in performance. It has maximum payload is 2,360 lbs. With an overall flight ceiling of 45,000 feet, the Falcon 10 boasts a high speed cruise of 454 knots (true airspeed) and a long range cruise of 430 knots. These numbers make the Falcon highly competitive with similar aircraft. The Falcon’s cabin is able to seat five to six passengers in an executive configuration (with four individual seats and a rear bench seat). Its dimensions are on the large side of the small cabin, light jets: 12.9 ft in length, 4.8 ft in height, and 5 ft in width. A lavatory and 12 cubic ft of baggage storage space are also features of the Falcon 10’s interior. Dassault always brings the best-of-the-best aircraft to the market. Falcon 10 owners love their aircraft, which is evident by the 226 Falcon’s built between 1973 and 1989. Even as an older model, the Falcon 10/100 is a good, medium-range aircraft for executive use and continues to be sought-after by many.

Technical Specifications

Seats 5-7 Seats
Height 4 ft 7 in
Width 4 ft 8 in
Length 12 ft 9 in
Range 1,500 nm
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
Speed 454 knots
Max Altitude 41,000 ft.
Baggage 41 cu ft
Lavatory Enclosed
San Jose Airport

Mineta San José International Airport