For those unfamiliar with Learjets, their name is synonymous with speed. The Learjet 31A can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing to its cruise level in just 28 minutes — way beyond the capabilities of any competing light private jet. It has great runway performance and a low fuel burn, making it a great candidate for efficient, fast private jet travel. The Learjet 31A can carry up to eight passengers in its 17.1 foot-long cabin. Sixty-seven feet of baggage space is available. It has a range of 1,250 nautical miles with four passengers, and performs well even in extreme temperatures and at high altitudes. At its maximum take-off weight, the 31A can take off in 3490 feet at sea level, significantly surpassing other light jets’ runway performance. Another area in which the Learjet 31A outperforms its competitors is in its climb rate – it can reach an altitude of 47,000 feet in only 28 minutes.

Technical Specifications

Seats 5-7 Seats
Height 4 ft 4 in
Width 4 ft 9 in
Length 17 ft 1 in
Range 1,300 nm
Manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace
Speed 456 knots
Max Altitude 47,000 ft.
Baggage 40 cu ft
Lavatory Partial
San Jose Airport

Mineta San José International Airport